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TUMBLEWEEDs all over Colorado Springs..

Tumbleweeds all over Colorado Springs..Where did it come from


  1. a plant of dry regions that breaks off near the ground in late summer and is tumbled about by the wind, thereby dispersing its seeds.

    Tubleweed at Mercedes Dealer in Colorado Springs

    Tubleweed at Mercedes Dealer in Colorado Springs

    The Tumbleweed is often thought of as the symbol of the American West. Actually, it isn’t native to North America at all, but was brought to this country (unintentionally) by Ukranian farmers. The tumbleweed really is a weed, and its real name is the Russian thistle. Tumbleweeds aren’t considered as having any redeeming value except for the fact that they are interesting to watch as they tumble about. There are actually people (not many) who harvest tumbleweeds and sell them, and the people that buy them apparently fashion interesting crafts and decorative items from tumbleweeds. As a matter of fact, the City of Chandler, Arizona constructs their official Christmas tree every year from tumbleweeds!
    Yesterday, we were out shopping for Cars at Pikes Peak Acura. Which by the way, was a great experience, Mike Everson our Sales Person helped us immensely. As did Andrew in Finance. But when the wind gusts picked up things were crazy. At the car dealership tires where rolling down the parking lot. Then the tumbleweeds were blocking some door ways. It seems so weird that these weeds just how up with the wind. So we were wondering where do they all come from?
    Tumbleweeds grow on dry plains, in fields, and on roadsides, generally in grain-growing areas. Most people wouldn’t recognize a Russian thistle plant growing off the main road, but is a round, bushy, plant that grows to about 3 feet. At maturity it breaks off at the base and because it is rounded, it tumbles in the wind. There is a natural purpose to this tumbling–the tumbleweed can produce up to 250,000 seeds, and the tumbling serves to spread those seed wherever it tumbles, guaranteeing that there will be more tumbleweeds in the future. Yeah…

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