5 Unique Ways to Reuse Plastic

Get Creative With Plastic !

Though many states and cities are slowly banning plastic bags (sadly no ban on bottles yet), we still have quite the surplus. So here are some crafty ways to reuse the plastic!

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Bottle Caps-

Bottle caps are more difficult to recycle than other plastics so finding ways to reuse them is best. Buy some magnets and glue and get creative to make fridge magnets! Or simply use a few caps in a small bowl or plate as a soap drainage dish!



Turning plastic bags into yarn is actually quite easy and a fun way to reuse. Here is a link to a quick diagram to create ‘plarn.’


Sprinkler Head-

If you happen to have a hose adapter then all you need to do is screw on a plastic bottle to the adapter, and you have a sprinkler! Instructions


Bottle Planter-

Cut any plastic bottle in half and flip the top half around so that the mouth is sitting facing down, fill with soil and plant whatever you want!

Snack Containers-

Coffee creamer containers make for great snack holders, all you have to do is wash them out!


We hope you found some of these do-able, if you have any other ways of reusing plastic please let us know!




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