Best House Plants for Colorado

Best House Plants for Colorado Climate

Indoor plants are a great way to make you feel at home in an apartment or house. They look good, they make you feel good, and take very little responsibility when compared with a pet or child! There’s a huge variety of different plants that are best suited for indoor life in Colorado Springs, and we’ve selected some of our favorites which we recommend to anyone in Colorado. While everyone’s home is different depending on the amount of space you have or the amount of light that comes into your apartment, these are all surefire choices to cozy up your apartment. An added bonus of some of these plants is that they even help clean the air so you actually should just feel better with more greenery around you. These are our picks for the top indoor plants for Colorado Spring, CO.



1) Cactus

Cacti are great indoor plant for beginners to the world of greenery because they’re basically a plant on training wheels. They come in all shapes and sizes, and many have pretty flowers, but they require very little maintenance. Keep them warm, give them sun, and water occasionally. Other than that, just watch out for the needles! With Colorado’s near 300 days of sunshine, cactus live very happily in our climate and are one of the best houseplants for Colorado!

2) Kitchen Herbs

When space is limited, it’s a good idea to fill your home with things that serve more than one purpose. So if you’re thinking about growing plants, why not choose herbs to use in your kitchen? Not only are they practical, but you’ll also feel proud about the meals you’ve made since you’re responsible for the extra flavor. While many people grow herbs in their outdoor garden, many of them can also be grow indoors very easily. Some popular indoor herbs people often grow here include:

  • Chives
  • Parsely
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Thyme

3) Succulents

Succulents are great plants for anyone not really wanting to go to the trouble of gardening. They’re colorful and pretty, but they’re also nearly impossible to kill. There are a ton of varieties, so just go to a plant store and choose one that looks nice. They tend to be on the smaller side which makes it easy to place anywhere in your Denver home and need very little water to thrive.

4) Aloe Vera

This plant is included in a lot of products aimed at improving your health, but having one at home can cut out the middle man. The gel from the inner leaves is great for burns (especially when half your face is advertising the fact that spent the day on the ski slopes), and it also can be eaten to help with a variety of different ailments. This is one of the best indoor plants for Colorado as they tend to grow quickly and are easy to split up into multiple pots.

5) Orchids

To be totally honest, orchids aren’t necessarily the easiest plant to care for. However, what they lake in ease they make up for in beauty. They are small, get lots of compliments, and as long as you treat them right they can survive very well as an indoor plant in Colorado.

6) Snake Plants

Don’t be afraid! These plants just get their name from their long slender leaves that look like a snake. Another common name for them is “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” because of their sharp edges, but let’s not go there… They’re very low maintenance, and they do a great job at filtering air. It’s literally a green alternative to those mechanical air purifiers which makes it a perfect houseplant for Colorado.

7) Bamboo

Bamboo is tough to kill, but it looks elegant and exotic. You may just find yourself wanting to put some in multiple pots to spread around your apartment. It gives an oriental feel to an apartment, a very deep green color, and as it’s not native to Colorado by any means it’s a nice change to the plants you typically see in nature.

8) Lavender

Lavender needs plenty of sun, but it isn’t so picky about the amount of water. However, it has such a pleasing scent that it acts as a natural air freshener. For those who’s sense of smell is just as important as their sense of sight when it comes to plants, this is an excellent option.


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