Happy Halloween



Candy Corn Poem:

Against the black void, looms the lunar sphere.
Hungry ghosts haunt, satisfied by fright.
Oh my! The children’s faces blanch in fear.
And thus the small summit embodies white.

Dwindle do the autumn leaves to the ground.
From the fire, the cold meets its warm demise.
Halloween’s favorite gourd, carved and round
And thus the middle is where orange lies.

Farms and tractor-pulled rides, hay is handy.
The black cat’s eerie eyes gleam from its face.
The vegetable tastes not like the candy.
And thus concludes yellow to form the base.

White, orange, and yellow make something sweet.
Enjoy some candy corn, Halloween’s treat!

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/candy-corn


I wouldn’t live in a haunted house:

I wouldn’t live in a haunted house;
It’s something I just wouldn’t do.
Not in creepy haunted house.
Not with me or even with you.

There’s ghosties that hide in the shadows,
And spiders spin webs down the walls.
Things going bumpety all night long,
And footsteps go stomping down halls.

Voices that whisper when nobody’s there
And shadows abound in the nighttime.
And just when you think all the ghouls have moved out,
They return for some serious fright-time.

They’ll give you a poke on the back of your neck,
Or someone unseen tugs your hair.
You just know there’s someone standing behind
If you dare to look…nobody’s there.

I wouldn’t live in a haunted house,
But on the last of October,
I might drop in for a quick little stay
And bring all my candy right over.

When the sun goes down at the edge of town
And the moon rises glorious yellow,
There’s something in Halloween’s glowing time
That makes all the ghosties quite mellow.

Then little ones come, dressed in costumes galore.
A haunted house might be just dandy
For you and I, Love, to spend our Halloween
On our haunted porch, handing out candy!

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/i-wouldnt-live-in-a-haunted-house


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Remember do dress warm out there and be safe!

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