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PODS are Moving Made Easy

Most of my clients have been using PODS! The moving industry has changed greatly in the last decade. With U-haul and Penske trucks on the road today and not as many “Moving Companies”. The latest trend in the business is referred to Moving & Storage Container Companies or POD type of business that is part DIY and a full service moving experience.
 Top 10 Reasons to use a POD:
1) Hiring Moving Companies can be costly. Hiring a Container Transport tends to save you thousands..depending on how far you are moving.
2) If you rent a truck you are in charge of the move, so if you hire a POD company they are in charge of the move.
3) PODS containers can be delivered early so you can take your time filling it up.
4) PODS can be ordered in multiple quantities if there is too much for one container.
5) You can hire labor to help you pack at your convenience.
6) PODS can be as low as $800 to move out of town, or as low as $450 if you are moving locally!
7) Easy Loading – Since the POD is ground level and no ramps to maneuver in a truck rental
8) Flexible Storage Solutions – PODS can be stored if your new home is not ready.
9) Greater Security – Only you have the key. Fill it up and lock it up.
10) Safe & Efficient Delivery – The trucks that pick up the moving container does so with a specialized lift system that minimizes shifting of the contained items.
Moving containers, like those offered by PODS, U-Haul’s U-Box, MI-Box, Smartbox and others are deposited right outside your door by your company of choice and most of the storage containers are large enough to fit an entire household of furniture, or at least a good portion of it depending on the size of your house and the size of the storage containers you choose. These convenient moving containers offer portable storage solutions that literally take the work out of transporting from place to place, as well as a host of other benefits shown in these Top 10 reasons to use a POD. 
We hope this blog could help find an easier and less stress free way to move homes. Thank you for reading!

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