The Rules of Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Rules

Now that summer is in full swing we have a ton of concerts to go to! Colorado is lucky to have the beautiful venue known as Red Rocks Amphitheatre. But did you know of all its quirky rules?

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  1. NO GLITTER! – Glitter and confetti are prohibited unless you are performing of course. Glitter is considered littering and you can get in trouble for it, so as tempted as you may be, leave the sparkles at home.
  2. NO SELFIE STICKS – It is time to call your long-armed friends, because Red Rocks doesn’t allow the all angle capturing selfie sticks.
  3. FOOD – Fruit & veggies must be properly sliced, yes even the apple you say is only used for eating. All other food items must be in a clear, sealed bag.
  4. NO TOTEMS OR BLOW HORNS – For the attention seekers this may be a bummer. But for the rest of us trying to enjoy the show without obstructed views or sounds, we are grateful for this rule.
  5. BRING A PONCHO! – With Colorados ‘moody’ weather, its best to be prepared for any condition, since umbrellas are not allowed we recommend a rain poncho!
  6. NO ‘FLOW ARTS’ – Hula hoops, poi, staffs, etc. are prohibited in the amphitheatre so just dance with your bad self.
  7. NO AEROSOLS – Aerosols are a no-go, this includes sunscreen, and we highly recommend bringing sunscreen. As we’ve mentioned before the weather can get quite intense, especially the sunshine so protect your skin!
  8. MASKS – We all love a good mystery but please keep your masks at home, they’re prohibited at Red Rocks.


We hope our this helps prepare you for all the concerts you’ll be going to at Red Rocks this summer. To see the upcoming shows and more info on the venue, visit

Happy Summer!


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