The Spice Rack

The Spice Rack



Hi everyone! So recently have been d0ing some cleaning around the kitchen and something I never knew came up and I thought I would share. Its about the spice rack we all have which makes every single meal that much better. But to keep them tasteful we had to switch where we put them and how we use them.


Avoiding excess moisture: Keeping your spices dry will help keep them potent for a long time. Reducing moisture will prevent clumping and annoyances. So to keep them dry try not sprinkling them over the food directly while cooking but rather use a spoon or your hands.


Note about storage: To make spices last longer , keep them cool and in a dark area of your kitchen such as cupboards. Storing them near the stove is not a good idea due to the heat breaking the spices quicker than usual.


Also don’t try and fridge  them because taking them in and out will cause moisture and condensation which accelerates the loss of flavor.


So two good things I recently did is label the bottle with dates and notice them as the color fades the flavor fades.


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