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What to Bring Camping

Camping Necessities

Here are some items you should always have while camping here in Colorado:

  • Food and Water: Make sure you know how many days you are camping and I always like to pack a little bit extra because well those are things you do not want to run out of. Tip: S’mores are everyones favorite campfire snack and bring reusable water bottles!(Make sure the food is safe and put away after use)
  • Clothing: Make sure to pack enough clothes for your activities. Here in Colorado I always suggest bringing an extra sweatshirt even in the summer.
  • Camp fire gear: Just make sure you have wood, kindling, and a lighter and you are goods to go! Always make sure the campfire is fully out to prevent any forest fires.
  • Camp stove: Easy and cheap finds at any local outdoor store. Then you just need to add a small can of propane and a pan and go to go!
  • Pets: dog bed or towel for sleeping and getting back from running in the woods. Plenty of water and enough food for how ever long the camping trip is.
  • Hygene: Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet Paper, Hand sanitizer, Towels. (Most Campsites have bathrooms and showers)

If there is anything I missed let us know below! Remember we have to keep these places picture perfect like Colorado should be. Pack it in and then pack it out! Click here for a REI check list of camping gear!


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