Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

To continue our “plastic reducing” tips, we found these to-dos or do-withouts most simple to achieve.

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  1. For the coffee drinkers reading, bring your own thermos to the coffee shop instead of wasting a disposable cup every day (some may be multiple times a day). Most if not all coffee shops should be accommodating. We really like hydro flask.
  2. This one is well-known, bring your own grocery bag! By far the easiest of them all, keep some in your car, at home, use them for all sorts of things besides grocery shopping. You can even keep some in your purse that fold up super small like these from baggu.
  3. Say no to straws! When ordering drinks or at a restaurant that gives straws out like candy, tell them to not bring any straws. If you enjoy using a straw or need to, we found these amazing collapsible straws from final straw.
  4. Ditch the plastic water bottles. One of the worse man made things along with straws, both filling the landfills and ocean with toxicity and harming marine life. A reusable water bottle may seem like an annoyance but you’ll be helping your wallet and earth tremendously. You can find them in most stores or numerous online stores with different qualities/perks.
  5. Bring your own takeout containers and reusable utensils for food to go. Can be kept in your car along with your grocery bags so you won’t have to remember to bring it. The utensils are great to keep in your glovebox or purse, I’ve had a set from to go ware for years now and they’re wonderful!

We plan to continue our “reducing plastic” blogs as we see it is an important thing to be talked about and fixed. Enjoy! 🙂

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