Peyton, Colorado

Peyton is in El Paso county and has an elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level.The Pikes Peak MLS map would have the border of Peyton at County Line Road, The West Side would be Elbert Road, and the South side would be Judge Orr and a ways east from there.

Why would someone move to Peyton, Colorado? To get away from it all.

Colorado Springs was once known as a resort city. It now has a strong military presence and a growing commercial economy led by varying components of the high-tech industry. Several military installations, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB and the Space Command (Norad) are located within or near the city. The surrounding prairie provides grazing land for cattle and horses. In Peyton, you can find land from 2 acres to 200 acres. Lots of chooses in between. What people say about living in Peyton..“It is a unique place to live, as you can be close to town yet you can have horses out your back door. You can find everything from single wide trailers to large custom homes. Yes, the area is GROWING. It used to be a gas station, a video store, and a liquor store, now it has grocery stores, fast food chains, Wal-Mart, etc.”
Let’s talk about The Homestead Ranch located in Peyton, Colorado.
Located at the edge of Black Forest this 450-acre regional park has diverse topography ranging from rolling, open meadows to tree-covered bluffs running the length of the park. A natural spring-fed pond and creek in the central valley of the park attracts deer, coyotes, foxes, fishing and over 35 types of waterfowl and birds. The park includes a playground, picnic pavilions and playfield. Equestrian riders can water their horses at the trough while enjoying the three miles of trails throughout the park. A great adventure awaits!