Living here in Colorado Springs we often talk about the Powers Corridor.. What is The Powers corridor? Well it is located on the eastern edge of Colorado Springs, bordered to the west by Powers Blvd. and to the east by Marksheffel Road, Woodmen Rd. to the north and the Colorado Springs Airport to the south. You will find the newest real estate developments here as the town’s growth has definitely gone east as the other areas have been built out.

This area derives its name from Powers Blvd. This is a major North-South artery on Colorado Springs east side. The street derives its name from the fact that it was the route the power lines took to the United States Air Force Academy to the north. In the late sixties, there wasn’t really anything but the Academy in the northern part of Colorado Springs.

This area is home to a wide array of shopping, restaurants and entertainment from big box stores and national chains to local favorites. Utilities are supplied by Colorado Springs Utilities.

People flock to the Powers area for convenience and affordability. This area has a wide range of housing options as well as a large selection of amenities.

The Powers area is an extremely popular destination for home buyers in the Pikes Peak Region. This popularity is based on location to downtown Colorado Springs and military installations. Additionally, this area's rapid residential growth has given way to commercial and retail growth as well. It is closer to Schriever Air Force Base and Peterson Airforce Base. Schriever Air Force Base is a base of the United States Air Force and is located approximately 10 miles east of Peterson Air Force Base.